1. Rental Assignment
The object of the lease is the rental of the premises with the agreed equipment specified in the lease.
The rental assignment becomes effective upon both parties signing the lease. No claim to having con-
cluded a lease shall be derived from any offer on the part of the lessor nor from any preliminary re-
servation. The lessor shall not be held liable should the intended use on the part of the lessee not be
possible on any actual or legal grounds. Any sub-lease or other rental assignment to third parties is
not permissible without the express written consent of the lessor. The lessee is not permitted to allow
more than thirty persons to be within the rented premises at any one time. The premises together with
furnishings, equipment and accessories remain the unrestricted property of the lessor. The lessor re-
tains his domiciliary rights in the rented premises and is entitled at all times to access them himself
or to allow authorised persons to access them. The lessee shall observe the existing rules of the house
and comply with all administrative orders and regulations and ensure their observance by all those in-
volved in the production.

The lessee has the duty to treat the lessor’s property with care. The premises and equipment shall be
considered as having been assigned in good condition if no deficiencies are implicitly complained
about on receiving the same. The lessee shall immediately notify the lessor of all and any damage, de-

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