fects or losses that may occur during the term of the lease.

2. Period of Lease
The agreed rental period must be strictly adhered to. The premises shall be completely vacated and sur-
rendered in their original condition at the end of the term of lease. Any exceptions require the writ-
ten consent of the lessor. If the lessee is delayed in vacating and surrendering the premises, he shall
be liable to the lessor for any damages caused by the delay which can, for instance, consist of compen-
sation due to the later rental of the premises to a subsequent production.

3. Terms and Conditions of Payment
The agreed rent is to be paid immediately after the invoice has been issued by the lessor and without any
deductions. The lessor is also entitled to invoice the rent or parts of it in advance by special agreement.
The non-observance of payment dates shall entitle the lessor to terminate the lease without notice. All
prices are stated exclusive of the legally applicable rate of value added tax. Any set-off against previous
or future debts is excluded unless these are uncontested or have become final and conclusive.

The contractually agreed rent is to be paid to the full amount, independent of whether the premises or the

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