equipment are actually used by the lessee to the agreed extent. The rent includes all attendant expenses
within the sense of the operational costs ordinance (energy, heating, water). Should the
lessor enter into any agreements with others on behalf of the of the lessee, such as e.g. for catering,
waste disposal services or similar, these costs are to be settled by the lessee at any rateand shall be
received by the lessor either in cash at the end of the rental period or by a non-cash method in advance.

4. Costs of Cancellation
The lessee can withdraw from the contract up to one week prior to the agreed start of the lease free of
charge. If the cancellation is made between one week and exactly 48 hours prior to the commencement of
the lease, cancellation fees amounting to 50% of the agreed rent shall become payable. If the cancella-
tion is between exactly 48 hours prior to the start of the lease but longer than 24 hours before the lease
commences, 75% of the agreed rent shall become payable. Subsequent to this last-mentioned time, the full
rent shall be payable, lessany expenses saved on the part of the lessor. If an alternative letting out is
possible, the costs of cancellation shall be reduced in accordance with the amount of the alternative rent
taken in.

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