With its more compact floor space of 400 m², Studio 2 is the
ideal supplement to Studio 1. A variable curtain system en-
ables the individual sub-division of 100 m² of shooting area,
make-up section, a generous dining area and lounge complete
with seating and high-end stereo equipment.

Whether you are planning photo, film or event productions,
we provide perfectly tailored support to ensure your indivi-
dual wishes and requirements are satisfied and put into prac-
tice. If necessary we can also arrange for professional assi-
stance from all fields of production.

In addition, the location is in the centre of Berlin between
Alexander Platz, Hackeschen Hoefen and Prenzlauer Berg pro-
vides the perfect infrastructure for your production, with
hotels, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, designer fashion
shops, etc., all within walking distance.

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